Debt Settlement Program

We understand that you may be overwhelmed and even hesitant on which way to turn.  We can assure you that we work with clients everyday in similar circumstances and we understand the difficulties you are facing.  Our team is prepared to work hard  to help you achieve your goals of better financial health, in the fastest way possible while saving you money.  See how simple our Debt Settlement Program works:

Review Your Debt Profile

We will review your debt situation and assess if our program can be a good fit for you. Once we decide the best path we will get your approval to proceed.

Settlement Account

We will help you set up a Dedicated/Third Party account so that you will have complete control and access to your settlement funds.

Fund Your Account

To begin your debt settlement plan you will need to make affordable monthly deposits based on your comfort level and desired time frame for completion.

Negotiate Debt Settlements

Once your account is funded. Our experienced Debt Specialists will work with your creditors to settle your debt at deep discounts on your behalf.

Debt Settlement Plan is Complete

We will manage your creditor payments until your debt settlement plan is completed to your satisfaction. You will then be able enjoy your new debt free lifestyle.